At BringPro we enable our franchisees to optimize their business with flexibility on pricing and scheduling, utilizing our efficient and effective business system, advanced technology platforms, and superior brand recognition.

We make starting, managing, and growing your BringPro business as easy as possible. One of the key ways we do this is through BringPro Net, our comprehensive technology platform that does most of the back-end work for you.

Seamless Online Order Placement

Franchisees can provide customers with an all-digital booking and invoicing solution that can be accessed virtually anywhere. While we use standard invoicing templates to keep things most efficient, franchisees can override the system to adjust pricing and scheduling as necessary.

We offer multiple points of contact, so our customers can choose the most convenient method to book their job with us – online, using our mobile app, or calling our call center directly and speaking to an associate.

When a job is booked, regardless of how it comes in, our BringPro Net system automatically schedules and efficiently routes your bookings, saving you time, money, and hassles over doing this work manually. Your customer receives a confirmation that the booking has been scheduled and the details of the job. Then, for customers who book their job using our app, they will get a text message from the driver who has been assigned to the job with his/her name, photo, and a “Track Me” button option. When the customer clicks on “Track Me,” they can see exactly where the driver is and the estimated time of arrival at their location. This is all done automatically, without the franchisee having to do anything! It’s an easy and efficient way to run your business while offering your customers the best in customer service.

BringPro drivers use our app to control their scheduling and route for greater ease and efficiency. They also have photos of everything they are supposed to pick up or deliver for each customer, so there is no confusion as to the scope of each job. Once the booking has been completed, the customer signs off on the charge, and a receipt will be sent to them digitally. The customer will also receive a text message to rate their experience as well as the driver, providing our franchisees with invaluable input.

No Hassle Management

Franchisees can log on to BringPro Net to access their dashboard to see every job scheduled for each day and the route each driver will be taking. The system updates when a booking has been completed, so franchisees always have a clear picture of their daily business operations as well as access to upcoming schedules. Franchisees also receive beneficial reports like itemized revenue for each driver.

While the majority of what we do here at BringPro is about personal service and attention, the technology solutions our BringPro Net platform and mobile app provide our franchisees are a key tool that enables us to deliver unparalleled, personal service.

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