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Bring a personal touch to moving and delivery services while leveraging dynamic market trends

Be a part of something better. We operate within an industry hungry for the quick turnaround but with a human element. The market for moving stuff is huge: retail item deliveries and assembly, small moves, storage unit transfers, office transitions, important parcels and more.  These industries — these people — need immediate, reliable, affordable solutions backed by technology and excellent customer service.

Multiple services for multiple customers.  As you provide a wide variety of delivery, pick up and assembly services, you can build a wide customer and referral base: from individual residential customers who need help around the house with moves or deliveries, to small business owners such as realtors or interior designers who need logistical help, to even local big box retailers who need delivery services for their customers — there is practically no limit to the types and numbers of customers you can serve.

This is your chance to become part of an on-trend brand, with a BringPro moving services franchise that’s on the forefront of industry growth and innovation. 

BringPro businesses are opening doors to customers looking for a better experience – and opening doors to entrepreneurs looking to make an impact on their local communities, and on their own futures. Utilize your excellent people skills, professional abilities, personal commitment and positive energy to launch a satisfying business you can be proud to own.

  • Trending and growing – Collectively, the three largest, big-name international delivery companies control 84% of courier service market share. But they do not provide on-demand service or assembly services. (statistica.com, 2017)
  • Demand for convenience on the rise – There’s no doubt that consumers are busier than ever, seeking delivery of everything from groceries to refrigerators to take-out food. Over the past several years, the U.S. couriers & local delivery services industry has grown to reach revenues of $107 Billion. (ibisworld.com, 2019)

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